Installations for fibre-cement industry
Installations for fibre-cement industry


Installations for fibre-cement industry

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Pipe machines up to 2.500 mm diameters, installation for flat and corrugated sheets up to 10 mts length, stacking machines with 8,5 seconds cycle time, sheet corners cutting systems, insertion of reinforcing straps, sieve cylinders in stainless steel.

More than 80 Clients all over the world take advantage of these and other experiences.
Since more than 15 years we produce sieve cylinders and thickeners in stainless steel.

Our cylinders are manufactured by means of automatic machines ensuring constant mechanical and dimensional features. The welding of the single components is made through TIG process and also the bars are welded to the rings.

The development of our constructive techniques through the years allows us to produce 3 different types of cylinders:
  • Traditional cylinders, with through shaft and inner spoke wheels.
  • Hollow cylinders, with longitudinal bars, without inner shaft and spoke wheels.
  • Hollow cylinders with parallel rings instead of longitudinal bars.

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