Historical notes: from 1936 to 2011
Historical notes: from 1936 to 2011


Historical notes: from 1936 to 2011

The Company ESAM Srl has started his activities in 1989.

This firm’s name is referred to a company whose origins are in 1936, when the Company SALM (Studi- Attrezzature- Lavorazioni- Macchine) was born. S A L M  developed its first activity in the automotive business: fixtures and multi-station centres for machining of parts in mass production.


In the first years of activity, and until world war II, besides FIAT AUTO, SALM supplies special machines, fixtures and equipment to FIAT SPA, to LANCIA, to O.M. and to WESTINGHOUSE; through this last ex-perience SALM  develops a very special knowledge in the railroad devices and accessories. By the end of the 40's, SALM  designs and manufactures a special electric locomotive with narrow gauge, used for the excavation of the tunnel under the Monte Bianco, in the Alps.

Meanwhile, the first experience in the fibre-cement takes place.

In the next years this sector becomes one of the main production fields for SALM, which  has established in the meanwhile as a joint stock company.


In 1950 begins the erection of the new factory with the dimensions of 3.700 covered square meters for production department and 600 square meters of offices.

During these years, through  the  most  various  experiences, SALM  acquires and improves its own know-how in the field of the fibre-cement production lines, becoming a world leader in this sector and starting a cooperation with ETERNIT group companies in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, which lead to the establishment of EUROSALM,  a company with a shares participation of ETERNIT. Through the co-operation with ETERNIT, the new Company strengthens its position of specialist  in the fibre-cement machinery.

The company has not leaved the activities in his traditional field and has continuing working for Clients such as MARELLI, COMAU, FATA, MORANDO IMPIANTI, RIV SKF, ANSALDO, PIANELLI E TRAVERSA, ROCKWELL OMEVI, SELENIA, 3M, PONTEGGI DALMINE, VETROTEX ITALIA  and others by constructing machines and fixtures for the most various uses in the automation field.

At the beginning of the 80's the world wide recession together with difficulties peculiar to the fibre-cement market obliges EUROSALM  to pursue a diversification strategy by acquiring and developing new technologies and product lines.Thanks to the wide experiences made in the field of the fibre-cement material handling, it appears to be  natural the development of the EUROSALM activity  by exploiting its know-how in the handling, the automatic storage system, automation in general.


In the storage equipment field, EUROSALM developed its own range of standard equipment such as a family of store-and-retrieve machines, picking stations and correlated equipment, including the operating software for PONTEGGI DALMINE; the special machines for the automatic winding up of a wide range of coils  for high voltage transformers and magnet cores for ANSALDO; the installations for the handling of car body parts for FATA; tool storage systems for FMS and COMAU and automatic car parking. 

New capabilities and activities have been developed in the field of the integration of robots in various applications such as the design and manufacture of welding and assembling cells and the handling of composite materials.

In more recent years it appears to be natural  the opportunity of having a higher degree of freedom from the dependence on the ETERNIT policies, and this led to the exit of this Group from the Company's  shareholdership. The company shares were completely transferred in Italian hands keeping however the best relationship with ETERNIT and the technical and commercial cooperation still active. The name of the company was changed into ESAM (Eurosalm Automazione e Movimentazione).


In 1995 the new factory fully owned by the Company with new facilities for offices and workshop are built in TROFARELLO (industrial area) where the workshop can take profit of an area of 4.100 square metres and the area for offices and services is 1.200 square metres divided into 3 floors.

At the end of 90’s ESAM gave the birth to new division for the design and manufacture of machines and installations for the production of wheels for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks or agricultural vehicles.

In 2008 an additional workshop of 1700 square meters equipped with cranes is built with the main purpose of assembly.

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